Carpet Spot Dyeing

We offer a unique seven step process to make sure we get the deepest clean while leaving no residue behind and your carpet fibers and a neutral P.H. level. You get a wall to wall, pre-spotting, thorough steam clean extraction.

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Carpet Spot Dyeing in Clovis, CA

We can save you up to 80% of replacement cost by dyeing your carpet. Sterling Carpet Cleaning, a professional carpet spot dyeing company can make an old and faded carpet look brand new, fresh and glamorous again. We specialize in the entire range of care services for carpets and area rugs. We do not only provide advanced, eco-friendly, deep cleaning solutions based on the highly efficient steam cleaning method, but we are also trained to tackle any carpet dyeing/color restoration task with best results.

We have successfully dyed and restored millions of yards of carpets to the date. We rely on an exclusive service that targets both home and office carpets, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us no matter how big, small, simple or complex of a job you may need. We tackle both solid and multicolor carpets and we guarantee a job well done every time. No matter if you need a few simple touch ups or you need a fading carpet covered in bleach stains brought back to life, our expert rug color restoration services is here to land you a hand. You should normally expect to be charged 60% up to 80% less than the actual cost of carpet replacement. We are, by far, the most affordable and quality solution for your faded, worn-out carpets and area rugs.

Repairing stained carpets in Clovis, California with carpet dyeing is an economical and effective way to make your carpets and rugs look new again. Sterling Carpet Cleaning is the trusted contractor for carpet dyeing in Clovis. After we complete your carpet dyeing in Clovis, you will have a tough time remembering where the spot had been. We have been spot dyeing carpets and rugs for years! Your carpet will be looking bright and clean again because we stains and faded areas will disappear.


How to Spot Dye Carpet that has been stained

Trying to match carpet colors is tricky, so it’s usuallt best to remove a stain as opposed to dye it. The stain’s shading likewise might be an issue. Find which stains can be spot dyed and those that are a problem. On the off chance that a stain is darker than the carpet, dye may not shroud it, or you may need to apply various coats for appropriate inclusion. Light-colored stains, for example, blanch stains, are generally simple to dye. A spot-dye pen or stick unit comes with twelve or so colors, so you can come up with or reproduce the carpet’s color as close as could be allowed, utilizing at least one dye sticks or pens.

The Process of Carpet Dyeing

There are four essential PRE-DYED Carpet Dyeing techniques:

Arrangement DYEING:

In arrangement dyeing of carpet, dyestuffs are added to the liquid polymer before expulsion into a hued fiber. Accordingly, the fiber is impregnated with the shading color entirely through.

The best way to dye olefin is by arrangement dyeing.

Business nylon is likewise regularly arrangement dyed. Be that as it may, except if fitting corrosive dye blockers are applied after carpet fabricating, arrangement dyed nylon can keep on tolerating corrosive dyes from nourishment spills, espresso, colas, and so on.

There are a few focal points to arrangement dyeing filaments:

At the point when a fiber is dyed after creation (as in customary dye strategies), the dye drenches into the fiber and fills the fiber’s cells. In the wake of being dyed, the fiber shows up consistently hued, at any rate to the unaided eye. In any case, there are consistently cells in the fiber that didn’t retain the dye – these are known as unfilled dye locales.

To comprehend the distinction this makes, picture a radish and a carrot. The radish speaks to the customary dyed fiber, where the shading is on the outside however doesn’t experience. (The radish is red outwardly yet white within.) By differentiate, the carrot is orange completely through, similarly that an answer dyed fiber has shading all through. Thus, arrangement dyed fiber is substantially more impervious to recoloring.

Arrangement dyed filaments are substantially more colorfast (impervious to blurring or shading seeping) than different strands. This is on the grounds that the shading is secured in the filaments. In this way, arrangement dyed fiber is an incredible decision for zones that will be exposed to extreme light.

Likewise, in light of the fact that the filaments are balanced out during creation utilizing bright inhibitors, they are the best decision for use in outside carpet applications.

Arrangement dyed strands are extraordinary for use in business carpets.

The essential disservice of arrangement dyed filaments is the diminished shading choice, contrasted with different strands.

STOCK DYEING: The yarn was undyed when tufted and afterward the incomplete carpet is dyed.

SKEIN DYEING: (articulated “skane”). Dyeing yarn in skein structure is utilized for little parcels. Yarn is loosened up from cones to skeins and afterward are mounted and drenched into a huge hot dye tank. Subsequent to dyeing and drying the yarn is rewound onto cones.

SPACE DYEING: Several hues are printed along the yarn length to create a tweed impact when tufted.