We have used Sterling Carpet Cleaning multiple times, not only for our home, but also for our business and we have been nothing but HAPPY! They do an amazing job each and every time they clean our carpets for us. We own a preschool and having clean carpet for our children is a must, not to mention that 2-5 year olds can definitely put carpet to the test – each time they clean, the carpets end up looking like new. We feel so confident and secure using Sterling Carpet Cleaning to do the best job possible to ensure that the children have clean carpets in their classrooms. We recently had them clean our tile in our house and cannot say enough about how great the result was! Not only do they do a wonderful job, but they are friendly, punctual, and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, without reservation!”

Kristin PetersonHome Owner / Business Owner

I had my carpet and couches cleaned, the results were like night and day! I thought you would still be able to see some of the stains after they finished, since my carpet was pretty dirty, but it looks brand new. Thanks so much Sterling Carpet Cleaning for a job well done!

Vanessa RuizHome Owner

Sterling helped us out in a HUGE way! We had just bought our Daughter a new car and two days later an unfortunate flu virus overtook her while driving! Needless to say it was a mess we thought had ended the “new car” excitement prematurely.(not to mention, the “new car” smell) I called Sterling and was grateful they were able to fit us in quickly. I had hoped they would be able to take care of the major damage. What I can tell you is, a short time later, I walked out to a brand new car all over again! New car smell included! Sterling has since been out to clean our home carpets and we had the same awesome service!

Amy Beth WardMother

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