These tips will keep your floors looking beautiful for a long time. You made an important investment by putting carpet in your home. Carpet adds warmth and comfort to your environment. There are three simple, but necessary, steps to expert carpet care to keep your investment looking beautiful and lasting a long time.

Step1. Regular thorough vacuuming using a well-maintained vacuum can remove as much as 79% of dry soil. Dry soil is gritty and abrasive and can lead to early wear. Studies have shown that if a bag is 25% full, you can lose up to 80% pickup ability. Make sure you replace the vacuum bag before it fills up too much. Bag less vacuums should be emptied before being used.

Step 2. Promptly clean up spills. The longer you wait to remove accidental spills and spots, the harder they are to remove. In fact, the longer you wait, the more likely they can cause permanent staining.

Step 3. Periodic professional cleaning, manufacturers require periodic professional cleanings. But, more importantly, when you have your carpets professionally cleaned by Sterling Carpet Cleaning. You will rid your carpets of contaminants causing aggravating allergies and soils that cause damage to the fibers. There are five primary methods of carpet cleaning available to choose from. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages; however, one method stands out to be more thorough and recognizable than the others. That is the Hot-Water Extraction method. Some carpets may need a combination of various methods to enhance the thoroughness of soil removal.

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